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Let's Read! with the Yak

"Let's Read!" is a one-hour event designed for elementary school students. It's a fun-filled program that demonstrates that while reading is important, it is also a lot of fun.

It's easy for educators to participate by contacting us and arranging a date. The specifics of each event may vary, but in general include:

  • Students - preferably from 100 to 200 - gather in the gym or auditorium.
  • At least one mascot - our Yak, or one from a Detroit sports team - works the crowd and excites the students.
  • We start with a "sing-along"
  • Our representative talks a little bit about the newspaper and its importance
  • Our "guest reader" - from a sports team, newspaper, or other organization - reads from a specially-selected book, accompanied by a powerpoint presentation of the pages as they're read. He or she also pauses along the way to ask questions
  • At the end, we play the "Memory Game" - in which students from each grade compete against each answering questions based on the book.

Elementary educators interested in a reading event at their school - or readers or businesses wishing to take part in one - should contact John Bentley at 313 222 8662 or jbentley@dnps.com

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